Have you catered to yourself lately? Of course it’s cool to stay dolled up, but Is your hair long and silky? Is it healthy? Is your stomach tight? Have you been moisturizing your skin and fading your beauty marks? (Stretch marks) etc. If not our TLC Kit is fa you baby🙌🏽 It Includes Our Royal Growth Serum that’s been proven to have your hair flourishing within 2 weeks. Apply at-least 3x a week ! Wash your hair and oil your scalp , let it air dry baby with our famous oil so that it stimulates your Scalp and goes straight to your pores. Btw it’s ALL NATURAL ☺️

Our Belly Butter works good on stretch marks and scars, literally smells like chocolate while melting in your skin. Mixed with all natural ingredients to leave your skin tighten while reducing cellulite and stretch marks. If you have eczema it’s great for you too ❤️🤞🏽

Of course we had to throw in 4 of our top selling glosses! They smell amazing and leave your lips glossy all day with no white line residue! I mean really this is the kit you’ve been waiting for, nothing like self love to boost your confidence and keep you glowing and staying fine 😍😍