Our Kitty Kit is exactly what you need to pamper your kitty. Our kit includes the following listed below. 

💎One Pretty Kitty Scrub that caters to the following 
Reduce Ingrown Hairs And Black Heads 
Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells 
Reduce Dark Marks Due To Shaving/ Waxing 
She Can Also Be Used On Your Thighs And Assets To Reduce Cellulite . (Benefits Of Coffee ☕️)

💎Custom Handmade Pretty Kitty 🐱 Bikini Mask. Only A Scoop Is Needed To Help Exfoliate Dead Skin, Fade Dark Marks And Uplift Ingrown Hairs. 

💎4 of our most popular glosses that are super juicy and smell amazing that we will not restock! 

Your Kitty deserves the world, so go ahead and give it to her!

Kitty Kit